If Seinfeld was a blog

im a massachusetts transplant

Minnesota Wonderer

Some days I want to tell you about my day, and I’m like, well, I made a killer spreadsheet with a super complicated formula where you type in one number and four complex other numbers get spit out, and it’s really cool.

Oh, for nerdiness!

OK, I was quarreling with someone, and we smoothed it over and it’s all good now …

Um, too much information.

How about this: I roasted some old grapes and made a really yummy dish for supper.

Sorry, you’ve already shared aweird recipe like that.

I did a kettlebell workout this morning, and my butt is killing me!

Chirp. Chirp. Is that crickets, I hear?

Ah, the weather? Howabout I tell you about the weather?

Bor. Ing. Hello? Anybody awake in there?

I’m reading this great book–

Another book review? Really?

So a mechanic, a rabbit and a transvestite walk into a bar …

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