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If Seinfeld was a blog

im a massachusetts transplant

Minnesota Wonderer

Some days I want to tell you about my day, and I’m like, well, I made a killer spreadsheet with a super complicated formula where you type in one number and four complex other numbers get spit out, and it’s really cool.

Oh, for nerdiness!

OK, I was quarreling with someone, and we smoothed it over and it’s all good now …

Um, too much information.

How about this: I roasted some old grapes and made a really yummy dish for supper.

Sorry, you’ve already shared aweird recipe like that.

I did a kettlebell workout this morning, and my butt is killing me!

Chirp. Chirp. Is that crickets, I hear?

Ah, the weather? Howabout I tell you about the weather?

Bor. Ing. Hello? Anybody awake in there?

I’m reading this great book–

Another book review? Really?

So a mechanic, a rabbit and a transvestite walk into a bar …

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Behind the Scenes, My Food Photography Set-Up

No Thyme to Waste

I’ve had quite a few inquiries about my images and posts over the past few months, and I thought it would be a nice idea to post some of my set ups for you guys to see. There aren’t really ‘secrets’ to good food photography, but in the beginning I felt there was some kind of hidden information I needed to advance my skills. I kept hitting a metaphorical brick wall with my photography, and I just couldn’t seem to mimic those food photos I aspired to. I kept reading articles with titles like “secrets of food photography” and “all you need to know, blog food photography”. But the ‘secret’ is… there’s no secret. The three keys to producing enticing looking food photos are: a tripod, the right light, and some version of Photoshop for minor edits. With these three things you can succeed at the very least as a beginner.

The light. My…

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Learning to Tweet

join the club i just started myself

Live to Write - Write to Live

twitter symbolI’ve been learning to tweet for months now, and I’m still not sure why.

For a Friday Fun post back in 2011, NHWN bloggers answered the question, Love It or Hate It? Three loved Twitter, three were less thrilled, and I wasn’t on board.

Now I am.

I decided to join when I started my personal blog, back in December. I blundered around for a while, experienced the great time suck of reading lots of great stuff as well as junk, made tepid forays into posting tweets, inadvertently irritated someone I follow, and gave up.

But every Wednesday, my posts for Living in Place go out on my Twitter feed, and The Tao of Twitterlately, that’s generated some traffic. So I buckled down and reread the first half of The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer.

It was Jamie who recommended this book to me a few years ago, and the first time…

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4 Ways to Embellish Your Hair: Leather Wrapped Ponytail

M&J Blog

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to jazz up a basic pony tail, look no further! All you need is a hair elastic, some leather cord, and, literally, two minutes.



1/8” Faux Leather TapeDSC_0215-2

1- Take your hair and place in a pony tail.DSC_0219-22- Place leather under the pony tail. Leave about 6 inches of leather hanging. Wrap leather around the pony tail.

DSC_0223-23- Leave about 6 inches hanging once you are about to come to the end. Tie the ends together.


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